Deconstructing the Narrative
Deconstructing the Narrative
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When we are present, when we attempt to operate from a place of awareness, when we focus on having an in-the-moment experience, and when we learn how to focus on the here and now, we train our brains to learn how to detach from narratives that keep us in a reactionary state. It is important to note that the habit of being reactionary is a process that can be undone by deconstructing narratives that make you the central character.




When you react from a place of jealousy, anger and resentment you perpetuate a narrative that is all about you. This personalization is a result of being disconnected from the present moment. Instead, each time we pause and focus on the present we allow for less ego driven narratives and find ourselves with expansive moments of proactive choices. Responding in a non-reactionary way leads to feelings of freedom that are not otherwise present when we are beholden to narratives about our personal expectations.


Changing the course of an ego driven narrative is essentially what the practice of mindfulness is. When we interrupt a reaction of taking things personal, we become much more effective in being able to train our brain to approach challenging emotions with more resilience. As opposed to just distracting ourselves or suppressing sensations, which leads to more destructive behaviors. You cannot rid yourself of certain thoughts and emotions, but you can train your brain to loosen the grip on those emotions and place your focus on a more advantageous idea.


Try interrupting old reactionary patterns by focusing less on the narrative and more on the impermanence of sensations. Practice identifying when self-serving narratives are becoming your first response. As much as you can, look for ways to turn your attention towards the immediacies of present sensations and rehearse what it feels like to be free of narratives that hold us hostage.




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