Along with general life adjustment issues, I also specialize in treating symptoms of depression and anxiety. I successfully treat a lack of focus and inability to concentrate, relationship dysfunction, noneffective communication styles and suicidal thoughts. I also specialize in working with clients looking to achieve successful career goals and life aspirations through effective life coaching strategies.

Individual Psychotherapy

I believe psychotherapy is a collaborative process where the therapeutic relationship should provide a safe and containing space to improve all areas of life. Through my work, I motivate clients to achieve their best self through reflective and contemplative interventions. I am very direct and provide dynamic guidance so that clients can start to take ownership of their ability to experience peace of mind, regardless of the circumstances that sound them. I believe that the only way to improve symptoms and enhance daily functioning is to become deeply aware of all components of life. I teach clients how to use this awareness to then become more productive by stabilizing attention on priorities that truly matter to you.

Couples Counseling
I provide safe and effective relationship counseling to all types of couples and partnerships. The couples counseling I do enhances relationships through directive and goal-oriented processing. I teach couples how to recognize and change difficult patterns of discord. I provide an involved and skillfully nuanced way of learning how to incorporate new coping strategies and clear skills of communication. I set the stage for couples to be at an optimal state of transparency so that both partners feel a desire to make positive changes.
Mindfulness Training
Through an intense process of psycho-education, I present mindfulness meditation in the form of both concepts and exercises. The mindfulness principles I provide assist each client to learn tools of self-compassion and emotional resilience while deepening strength-based characteristics. Discussions include various clinical studies and current research on the technique of assisting the brain to focus on that which is most proactive at each given moment.