The Law of Distance

There are moments when we stop and look at our lives and we have to ask ourselves why we do what we do. We also ask ourselves why certain things feels so good and other things don’t. And we question ourselves and people around us and after awhile, all we are doing is questioning and there are answers but the answers only lead to more question. Maybe that’s OK that there aren’t so many answers. Perhaps the only thing we need to worry about is what makes us able to stay with the present moment regardless of what uncomfortable things shows up. In life, you have to have meaning and you have to place purpose on all the chaos around you. If you don’t infer meaning you die. If you don’t demand some form of purpose to cushion all of the hard spaces then you get lost.




When we are jealous or spiteful, when we treat others poorly or when we enact self-destructive behaviors, we are essentially operating from a place of lack. Focusing on what we don’t have is, in its inception, just plain insecurity. We wish the world to be a certain way to compensate for our failings. How would your reactions be different if you were in-the-moment-present to your insecurities? Essentially, when we take a step back and create distance between our thoughts and behaviors we are able to see maladaptive patterns emerging. Awareness created by distance is a strategy that allows for deeper and deeper knowledge within the self.


We seek to reaffirm our lives by believing in something that gives us meaning. We crave to take ownership of stories that define our purpose. There are signs of it wherever we look, that as human beings we reject ambiguity and uncertainty. When things are confusing or don’t add up, we frantically rush to find the missing puzzle piece. We constantly seek for explanations that often times aren’t there. And this concept of tolerating ambiguity is what leads us to more and more peace within the self. We can never control the things that are out of our control, obviously. And we can only control what is in our direct control. So from here on out, set the intention to focus proactively on that which is under your control, and in doing so, you provide yourself with more time and energy because you’re not wasting time engaging in the things that you’re never going to be able to solution.