Unfastened and Limitless
Unfastened and Limitless
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There is nothing quite like the feeling of freedom; free to act and do and dream. With each present moment you create your own reality, yet we rarely are present to all that could be possible if we just listened with awareness instead of grasping and pushing away discomfort. We fret and worry about things that happened in the past, and we scramble to try and control (with feelings of angst and concern) about things that have not happened yet. Being present means feeling free from the binds and shackles of the past and future.




We are constantly becoming and we are forever creating who we are by the nature of how present we are in the here-and-now. If we can rehearse again and again what it feels like to not escape into thoughts of the past and future, we become comfortable with being uncomfortable and are able to harness the power of the present moment. Being able to tolerate any challenging emotions allows us to stay present instead of rushing to fix things that are out of our control. We will always have the impetus to seek safety from harm, such is our human condition. It is normal to want to be free from pain, yet the lengths we go to to eradicate said discomfort is what leads to impaired functioning. After all, comfort is fleeting, and acknowledging the impermanence of all emotions even when they are pleasurable is what it means to be present.


The process of improving upon the self involves the perspective that you have all you need in the present moment. Draw your attention to welcoming ambiguity while at the same time taping into a state of empowerment by being present to the ever evolving and unfixed nature of your existence. Don’t be distracted by the feeling of being in flux. Don’t be afraid of the limitless possibilities that exist.


When we practice non-reactivity and non-attachment, such as Buddhism teaches, we see that the mind’s real nature is like the entirety of the sky and that our ideas and feelings are similar to clouds that hide the full view. Never loose sight of the sky by feeling constricted by the clouds. The sky is ever-present and the clouds are just momentary. Release the clouds of emotion and thought by focusing on the open expansion of the mind.


Meditation is the the practice that allows us to focus on the sky even when clouds are in the way. Instead of focusing on the drama that surrounds most experiences, try to relate to the myriad of possibilities that exist in any given oment. Welcome all thoughts and feelings by not rejecting any of the discomfort but embrace the limitless possibilities that the sky holds for you.

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