Rooted in Self-Worth

The foundation of your actions dictates future choices and experiences. Knowing your foundation is essential to making healthy choices. The world is so vast in its opinions about what is correct and what is acceptable. The truth is that the only healthy choice is the choice that is authentic to you. No one can tell you how to be or what to do. You alone have to come to a sense of certainty about who you are and what path is correct.




The question: “who are you?” is a deepening question that at first sounds too ominous and too simple to even try and explain. The core of who you are, the essence of what you are has nothing to do with gender, with race, with culture or sexuality.  The answer to the question “who are you?” is a lifelong endeavor that needs to be addressed time and time again before forge an authentic path. No none else can give you the blueprint for how to get there. Only you can do the legwork. Unless you make it your purpose, you’ll be living someone else’s sense of reality. Learning to listen to the core of who you are is the only way to live your truth.


Pay attention to what if feels like to make choices that support your authentic-self. What does it feel like to make a healthy choice and to follow through with fighting to make sure those choices take priority? That feeling of empowerment, of knowing you are worth fighting for, that your happiness is worth more than someone else’s opinion of you, is invaluable. Listen to that voice. Do everything you can to constantly practice how to recreate a feeling of self-worth in everything you do.


Knowing your value and then operating with a feeling of empowerment is first rooted in the idea that your perception of yourself is worth more than anyone else’s opinion of you. When you can get down to the foundation of what drives you, what inspires you and what provides you with joy; then you have a better picture of where you need to go and what you need to do to get there.


Being rooted in self-worth is the only way to make healthy and authentic choices. Distinguishing the difference between the voice of empowerment from a voice of self-doubt helps to avoid  falling back into feelings of discord. Listen to the differing voice and see where they guides your actions.


Make a decision to enact choices from a place of empowerment, from a place of knowing your value. The behaviors that are sourced from feeling “good enough” and “whole” are the product of being centered in a place of worth; connected to the essence of who you are.