Meet Yourself
Meet Yourself
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Approaching a child, sensing their mood and guessing what they need is an experience most of us have encountered. There’s hesitation, playfulness and even a challenge to stretch yourself to a state we are not accustomed to in the adult word. We put on a silly mood or attempt to be imaginative even when it is not in our nature. It is a most intuitive and sacred moment to meet a child where they are at, not physically, but energetically.


by Sarah Morgan

Art by Sarah Morgan


Sometimes we need to meet our own selves where we are at. This self-reflective act of being curious with ourselves, of taking a moment to pause and give space for that which is of-the-moment, is a necessary step in relinquishing the ego and experiencing peace of mind. It is said that achieving happiness can never be a lasting goal because life brings with it moments of sadness, of disappointment and even anger. Emotions that are authentic to each moment should be met with reverence instead of pushing them away because of who we think we should be and how we wish ourselves to be seen by others. It is appropriate to be sad at times and it is acceptable to be angry. Those emotions do not define who you are. But “peace of mind” can be found in every encounter, even when the emotions present are uncomfortable.


Learning how to meet ourselves authentically where we are at in any given moment is a skill that produces more than just authenticity, it allows for a peace of mind that can resonate with any emotional state and any human encounter. No matter how challenging or difficult a situation, you can meet yourself where you are at. Without pushing, pretending or hiding we can accept ourselves in the allowance of where we are at from moment to moment and learn to be exactly what we are. There is no emotion too great, no situation too enormous that we cannot hold it and reflect with it. Be that person who looks inward with curiosity so that in every encounter you can meet yourself and hold space for all that you are.

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