Love The Person You Are
Love The Person You Are
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Think of how it feels to love someone so much that you would do anything for them. Feel that feeling of being so consumed with eagerness to protect another person without reserve. Be present to what it means for you to have pure concern for the wellness of someone you love. As humans, it is our job to learn how to do that for ourselves.
Why is it that we disregard our own need for care and empathy? How can we be so dismissive of our own need for forgiveness. There must be a way that society teaches us to keep moving without reverence for self-compassion because it is evident that people do not love themselves enough. That is what mindfulness is; being compassionate towards the self. That is what meditation is; being empathic with the self. When a friend comes to you and tells you his or her problems, you don’t automatically start to fix them or brush those problems aside. When a friend is in need of comfort you comfort them. When your loved one is upset and distraught you care for them. The same should be said about your relationships with yourself and to yourself. You deserve better, in fact you deserve your very best.
Be good to who you are. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind to you. Love your flaws. Care for your mishaps. Be present with your lack of perfection. Love the person you are entirely and without reservation. When this type of love flourishes in your life, you will have more than enough to be grateful for.

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