The Psychology of Indecision
The Psychology of Indecision
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Clarity is one of the greatest resources because it frees us up energetically to spend more time pursuing who we want to be. Instead of wasting time with arduous decision making moments, the gift of clarity propels us to achieve important life goals. Moments of indecision take power away from your here-and-now experience. Being able to pull yourself out of a doubt ridden quagmire is a useful skill. Even more beneficial is an ability to hone in on a sense of clarity before that flip-flopping confusion can even start manifesting. There are several tweaks we can start making on a daily basis in order to learn how to make use of the many healing properties clarity has to offer.




Be Mindful

Having a mindful moment is as valuable as any nutritious meal or much needed back adjustment. Mindfulness has many uses and if employed correctly can influence life in a expansive ways. Mindfulness is an exercise in paying attention to the present moment in a manner that highlights observation as opposed to giving credence to judgement an criticism. Being mindful allows you to take in what is happening around you in a way that showcases feelings of gratitude and trust. Without mindfulness, clarity cannot be fully realized. And as mindfulness is used on a daily basis with thoughtful execution, you will start to realize that the greatest source of clarity is within yourself and not from outside sources.


Trust Your Intuition

The essence of who you are is not the sum of your likes or dislikes, and it is not your gender or your hair color. Your true essence is that knowing voice inside you, that pulsating hum of awareness that is always there and always present. Without identifying your core self you cannot truly trust your intuition. Your intuition rests in the essence of your core. Knowing what your intuition is saying involves pausing in order to wholeheartedly listen to that deeper identity.


It’s OK To Be Wrong

Part of life is failing. Falling short is unavoidable and without that experience it is impossible to know what clarity feels like. The contrast of learning how it feels when you make a wrong decision is invaluable because it shows you where you failed to follow your intuition. Being present with your failures and accepting them as stepping stones can be a perfect way to view the potential to learning how to foster more clarity. Clarity doesn’t mean making perfect decisions all of the time. Clarity means you are going with the flow of life and you are allowing the chips to fall where they may. Without gripping and forcing life, we learn to let the current of trust and safety carry us through challenging decisions.

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