A Brain Fuled By Bliss
A Brain Fuled By Bliss
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Train neurons to proliferate happiness




As a therapist, I often wonder how a client can feel better after a session that involved them talking about so many negative things.  Talking about the uncomfortable aspects of life can be important, but only inasmuch as we can balance that with positive emotional encounters. Our brain is a powerful tool and our mind is a valuable compass. Acknowledging the reality of any given situations without getting caught up in emotional derailments is an important skill to have. Seeing things for face value is a way to keep our reactions in check. The only way we can learn to do this is if a shift happens whereby we start giving positive moments the credence they deserve. Most of us push away happy feelings or dismiss them before positivity can flourish. Other times we go to the opposite extreme and externally tout these good experiences as a way to gain attention or praise ourselves without honoring the sacred nature of what it means to hold positivity in a congruent manner.


Learning how to sustain positive emotions takes practice. Forging a relationship with bliss requires you to look at the rituals that connections that fill your life. Positive emotions already exist inside of ourselves, we don’t have to change anything about our lives in order to harness the potential of building our brains out of blissful states. The goal is to allow joy to radiate. Let happiness sink in just as if you were trying to savor a decadent brownie that melts slowly in all corners of your mouth. After practicing how to allow feelings of peace to grow, you will be able to go through life without being derailed by negative emotions. When faced with a positive emotion such as gratitude or a feeling of fulfillment, stay with that mode of functioning in the brain and allow bliss to be your fuel.

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