Your Emotional Toolbox
Your Emotional Toolbox
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There is new research that claims human emotion can be reduced to four basic feeling states: sad, happy, afraid/surprised, and angry/disgusted. Our DNA is thought to be the reason for these specific emotions, as we lean to fit in socially for a better chance of survival.




Emotion can be thought of like colors painted on a canvas. There are primary colors and from those basic pigments come the other hues. Complex categories of colors have morphed from these simpler samples because of our need for relationships. Social interaction requires us to strive for connection. The glue that connects individuals is their emotional resonance with one another.


Pay attention to the way you feel. Then pay attention to the way you present your emotions to those around you. The way you express yourself is the way in which you connect with others. In order to connect with someone on any human level, there needs to be a sharing of authenticity. Without awareness of the feelings that comprise our emotional pallet we cannot freely express ourselves. And without the freedom to express ourselves fully, we fall into the trap of making inauthentic choices. The best emotion is the most honest emotion because when we are honest with ourselves we can be honest with those around us.

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