This Simple Idea Will Change Your Life
This Simple Idea Will Change Your Life
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Have you ever looked at a choice you made and wondered what led you to the outcome? Looking back at a bad or a good decision causes us to see where we’ve placed our attention. The focus of our attention determines the route by which we operate in the world. Awareness of where our focus originates helps us to make better choices, and this process of awareness is the key to understanding how to approach the world with more positivity.




Know what fuels you

As important as it is to be aware of the food we put in our bodies, it is equally important to see what emotional factors fuel our actions. This awareness ignites a process that connects you to your goals. On a microscopic scale, the small choices we make effects larger choices. Each mundane factor and seemingly unimportant decision holds the key to shed light on why you do what you do. Knowing what you put into your body allows you to see what you use for energy. Awareness of how your thoughts operate and what they are operating from is an instant connection to your purpose. Every moment is a chance to understand where energy is being created and where it is being wasted.


Emotional and psychological fuel comes in all shapes and sizes however, the main categories of motivational fuel are easily separated into two camps: Love or Fear. Loving choices start with the self-care you give yourself. Either you are acting out of love or reacting out of fear. When you are about to argue with someone or entertain a self-loathing thought, ask yourself “what fuels this for me?” Ask yourself this question honestly and think of the true reason for your motivations. Once you’ve been able to dissect the type of fuel being used then you can begin to shop around for the optimal fuel that will get you the results you want.


You decide what goes into your body and you decide what motivations shape your daily interactions. Knowing what fuels you, based on how you give and receive love, is the best way to allow yourself to flourish in better feeling outcomes. The energy that makes up your choices is the sum of your happiness and taking responsibility for your own happiness is a powerful way to live the life you were meant to live.

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